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Jumpsuits by Frank Lyman

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  1. Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 201516
    Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 201516
    Special Price €131.45 Regular Price €262.90
  2. Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 196025
    Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 196025
    Special Price €125.00 Regular Price €250.00
  3. Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 191430
    Frank Lyman Jumpsuit 191430
    Special Price €84.40 Regular Price €211.00
Frank Lyman’s jumpsuits aren't just any jumpsuits. These jumpsuits offer a seductive and elegant approach to jumpsuits which you can wear anywhere and feel like a star. They are also known as the “Slimming Jumpsuits”. Think of Frank Lyman’s jumpsuits as a combination of exciting tops, elegant pants, and seductive dresses combined all in one. Think of the ultimate jumpsuits for days when you want to pull it off, yet you don't want to rely on your usual pieces. From a birthday party to a casual dinner – Frank Lyman’s jumpsuits have no limits, and that's why every lady out there should have at least one of them in their wardrobe.