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Frank Lyman LYMAN

Lyman by Frank Lyman

Lyman by Frank Lyman Design. An exquisite division that leads straight to luxury. Some may refer to it as “The Mother of the Bride Collection” and they wouldn’t be wrong. The most elegant and seductive dresses are waiting for you right here, but that’s not it, meet the perfect silky throw over or the cover up you travelled the world for but couldn’t find. The Canadian designer expresses his finesse and eye for detail best here. From shiny rhinestones to lace designs, find your special occasion outfit. If you are looking for a gown, you just got lucky, Lyman by Frank Lyman has revealed the perfect gowns in a variety of blue shades. Are you ready to close your eyes and feel like a beautiful mermaid walking down an aisle in the middle of the ocean?
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  1. Frank Lyman Dress 189328
    Frank Lyman Dress 189328
    As low as US$265.00
  2. Frank Lyman Dress 208003
    Frank Lyman Dress 208003
    As low as US$225.00
  3. Frank Lyman Top 222302
    Frank Lyman Top 222302
    As low as US$269.00
  4. Frank Lyman Faux Fur Black Shawl 229408U
    Frank Lyman Faux Fur Black Shawl 229408U
    Special Price US$126.00 Regular Price US$210.00
  5. Frank Lyman Dress 236044
    Frank Lyman Dress 236044
    As low as US$233.00
  6. Frank Lyman Top 229008
    Frank Lyman Top 229008
    As low as US$235.00
  7. Lyman Dress 68109U
    Lyman Dress 68109U
    As low as US$350.00
  8. Frank Lyman Top 229273
    Frank Lyman Top 229273
    As low as US$244.00
  9. Lyman Top 189387
    Lyman Top 189387
    Special Price US$105.00 Regular Price US$175.00
  10. Frank Lyman Dress 238249
    Frank Lyman Dress 238249
    As low as US$335.00
  11. Frank Lyman Dress 238127
    Frank Lyman Dress 238127
    As low as US$312.00
  12. Frank Lyman Top 236032
    Frank Lyman Top 236032
    As low as US$156.00
  13. Frank Lyman Dress 238314
    Frank Lyman Dress 238314
    As low as US$270.00
  14. Frank Lyman Dress 238205
    Frank Lyman Dress 238205
    As low as US$280.00
  15. Frank Lyman Dress 238133
    Frank Lyman Dress 238133
    As low as US$340.00
  16. Frank Lyman Dress 238332
    Frank Lyman Dress 238332
    As low as US$309.00
  17. Frank Lyman Dress 238225
    Frank Lyman Dress 238225
    As low as US$257.00
  18. Frank Lyman Dress 238121
    Frank Lyman Dress 238121
    As low as US$320.00


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