A Proudly Canadian Family Owned Business

Born to Canadian fashion in 2001, Frank Lyman has consistently hit top standards, exceeded expectations of elegance, and has become one of Canada’s fashion designer giants. Frank Lyman designs are worn by women internationally, including their iconic dresses, tunics, pants, jeans, jackets, cover ups, coats, fragrances, and accessories. All this style and fashion made in Canada. Become part of the Frank Lyman Design family by elevating your closet with the relaxingly elegant and comfortable style of Canadian fashion that demands respect, recognition, and of course a quick-stop photo op. Poised for Fashion Perfection. Frank Lyman clothing made in Canada.

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  1. Frank Lyman Top 236670U
    Frank Lyman Top 236670U
    As low as US$145.00
  2. Frank Lyman Top 224569U
    Frank Lyman Top 224569U
    Special Price US$102.00 Regular Price US$170.00
  3. Frank Lyman Jeans 224564U
    Frank Lyman Jeans 224564U
    Special Price US$111.00 Regular Price US$185.00
  4. Frank Lyman Dress 224525U
    Frank Lyman Dress 224525U
    Special Price US$118.80 Regular Price US$198.00
  5. Frank Lyman Top 224517U
    Frank Lyman Top 224517U
    As low as US$103.20 Regular Price US$172.00
  6. Frank Lyman Skirt 224510U
    Frank Lyman Skirt 224510U
    Special Price US$85.80 Regular Price US$143.00
  7. Frank Lyman Pant 224245
    Frank Lyman Pant 224245
    Special Price US$126.60 Regular Price US$211.00
  8. Frank Lyman Pant 224182
    Frank Lyman Pant 224182
    Special Price US$91.20 Regular Price US$152.00
  9. Frank Lyman Top 223463U
    Frank Lyman Top 223463U
    Special Price US$86.40 Regular Price US$144.00
  10. Frank Lyman Top 223451U
    Frank Lyman Top 223451U
    Special Price US$90.00 Regular Price US$150.00
  11. Frank Lyman Pant 223383
    Frank Lyman Pant 223383
    Special Price US$106.20 Regular Price US$177.00
  12. Frank Lyman Top 223773
    Frank Lyman Top 223773
    As low as US$81.00 Regular Price US$135.00
  13. Frank Lyman Pant 223572
    Frank Lyman Pant 223572
    As low as US$93.00 Regular Price US$155.00
  14. Frank Lyman Top 223739
    Frank Lyman Top 223739
    As low as US$114.00 Regular Price US$190.00
  15. Frank Lyman Top 223532
    Frank Lyman Top 223532
    As low as US$132.00 Regular Price US$220.00
  16. Frank Lyman Tunic 223160
    Frank Lyman Tunic 223160
    As low as US$132.00 Regular Price US$220.00
  17. Frank Lyman Top 223152
    Frank Lyman Top 223152
    As low as US$192.00 Regular Price US$320.00
  18. Frank Lyman Tunic 223524
    Frank Lyman Tunic 223524
    As low as US$123.00 Regular Price US$205.00
  19. Frank Lyman Dress 223387
    Frank Lyman Dress 223387
    As low as US$150.00 Regular Price US$250.00
  20. Frank Lyman Top 224303
    Frank Lyman Top 224303
    As low as US$129.00 Regular Price US$215.00
  21. Frank Lyman Legging 223363
    Frank Lyman Legging 223363
    As low as US$96.00 Regular Price US$160.00
  22. Frank Lyman Top 223508
    Frank Lyman Top 223508
    As low as US$81.00 Regular Price US$135.00
  23. Frank Lyman Cover Up 223542
    Frank Lyman Cover Up 223542
    As low as US$105.00 Regular Price US$175.00
  24. Frank Lyman Jacket 223246
    Frank Lyman Jacket 223246
    As low as US$150.00 Regular Price US$250.00


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