Frank Lyman

  1. Frank Lyman Mask
    Frank Lyman Mask
    Special Price US$106.20 Regular Price US$118.00
  2. Frank Lyman Top 196040
    Frank Lyman Top 196040
    Special Price US$78.00 Regular Price US$120.00
  3. Frank Lyman Pant 196397
    Frank Lyman Pant 196397
    Special Price US$129.35 Regular Price US$199.00
  4. Frank Lyman Pant 196105U
    Frank Lyman Pant 196105U
    Special Price US$120.25 Regular Price US$185.00
  5. Frank Lyman Top 201412
    Frank Lyman Top 201412
    Special Price US$81.25 Regular Price US$125.00
  6. Frank Lyman Top 201371
    Frank Lyman Top 201371
    Special Price US$80.80 Regular Price US$124.30
  7. Frank Lyman Capri 196096U
    Frank Lyman Capri 196096U
    Special Price US$107.25 Regular Price US$165.00
  8. Frank Lyman Jean 190117U
    Frank Lyman Jean 190117U
    Special Price US$126.00 Regular Price US$140.00
  9. Frank Lyman Throwover 201413
    Frank Lyman Throwover 201413
    Special Price US$100.75 Regular Price US$155.00
  10. Frank Lyman Pant 196099U
    Frank Lyman Pant 196099U
    Special Price US$104.00 Regular Price US$160.00
  11. Frank Lyman Top 196015
    Frank Lyman Top 196015
    Special Price US$84.50 Regular Price US$130.00
Frank Lyman is a Canadian designer internationally known for its undeniable impact on women's fashion. Releasing unique dresses, tops, tunics, pants, jeans, jackets, cover ups, coats, fragrances and accessories to march alongside successful women on their elegant journeys. Each piece you wear will make you feel and look seductive, exciting, elegant, and beautiful, for resort, cruise, office, formal and evening wear. Made in Canada.