When Fashion is Your Passion

When Fashion is Your Passion

People who are passionate about fashion are most likely passionate about other ways and forms where expression is limitless. Even though we are passionate about other things such as interior design & art, fashion is our favorite.

What we love about fashion is the ability to be creative and showcase expressions, and even emotions through different patterns, colors, lines, styles, and much more.

Fashion isn't only one thing. It's everything we wear. Everything has its own meaning and there is no clothing piece that has nothing to say for itself.

Why is Fashion a Perfect Passion

Someone who isn't passionate about fashion might be saying, it's just clothes. What's there to be excited about? You either like it or don't.

Well, fashion is much more than just clothes. It's a sense that combines a lot of different life aspects that actually becomes art formed by everything you do in your life.

Fashion offers a choice, and depending on the choices you make - you create your own path. Therefore, fashion can easily become a passion and serve as non-verbal communication.

Even better yet, fashion can represent different cultures, beliefs, and customs which get passed on to another generation. Fashion will always be with us and around us, so why not make it our passion?

The Freedom of Choice

When was the last time you dressed up according to your mood? We do it pretty often without even knowing!

Even though fashion offers endless choice, we couldn't lay out clothing for a week ahead, could you?

To assure you, not only emotions affect fashion. We all dress to impress, right? That's why there is formal and informal fashion. Also, something no one can control is the weather - so we all dress according to the weather.

But even though we know there are some standards in the fashion industry, fashion never limits anyone and we pretty much always have a choice.

We know that fashion can make some people nervous, but that's just one more reason to embrace it! Taking baby steps is always the best to approach your inner yourself and showcase your personality and emotions no matter the circumstances.

Fashion Inspiration

You don't need to know every brand there is, nor every designer there is. Yet, you can get inspiration from anything you see, no matter how expensive or cheap it is.

If you think fashion is all about wearing designer pieces - you're definitely wrong. A great example is two of our favorite designers which are Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff.

When you're looking for a way to put on a seductive & exciting look, Frank Lyman's Spring 2019 clothing line is a perfect choice. It offers unique dresses, tops, and jackets that will make you feel amazing that you'll even forget you're putting your emotions and personality on a showcase.

On the other hand, if you're looking for clothing that is suitable for different occasions and still can make you feel amazing and beautiful - Joseph Ribkoff's Spring 2019 clothing line is full of tops, dresses, pants, and even tunics that will make you look your best wherever you go.

If you're out of inspiration or you're looking for ways to improve your wardrobe, these two designers will help a lot.