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What to Wear to Work Summer 2019


Dressing for work when summer temperatures soar can be difficult. It might be 90 degrees outside but only 70 degrees, or colder, in the office. On other days, the office may be hot; especially if the air conditioning is turned off over the weekend. Those “hot office” days can be especially challenging to know what to wear as some businesses don’t allow sleeveless tops or even capri pants. To help with the upcoming office and outdoor temperature fluctuations, TYH Boutique offers you our best tips and advice on what to wear to work summer 2019.

Layers – not just for winter

The same concept you might use when dressing for work in the winter can be applied in summer, too. The layers will just be much lighter, and you won’t need as many.

As a summer base layer, we like dresses. They are cooler than pants, can be dressed up or down, and look very professional, even when sleeveless. This Joseph Ribkoff dress is a beautiful example of summer cool and classy, and the floral leaf print is fashion forward for summer 2019.

To layer this dress, you could slip on a light jacket, in white, for a more formal office look. Or, if your company’s culture is a bit more casual, a classic jean jacket would pair well.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a trendy Joseph Ribkoff Cover Up. It’s versatile and should be part of every career woman’s wardrobe.

Keep the color cool

On days when the sun really beats down, and temperatures soar, dress in cool colors that don’t absorb heat. White, pastels, and even summer’s most trendy color, beige, will all help keep you feeling and looking fresh.

If you live in a climate where summer temperatures are more moderate, wearing black won’t increase body temperature to the same extent as more southern climates. Even with black, though, you can lighten and relax the look with sheer elements like these Joseph Ribkoff pants.

Be casual, just not too casual

One of the best parts of dressing for work in the summer is that it’s more relaxed. Just like the season itself. But that doesn’t mean what you would wear to a barbeque will work at the office. Spaghetti straps and shoes that are too casual are best left for non-work hours.

Along with your position within the company, corporate policies and culture will inform individual fashion choices. If you’re not yet at the career level you want to be, remember when choosing new fashion pieces to dress for the position you want and not the one you have.

The Summer 2019 collections of both Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff have many gorgeous, unique and fashionable items. From casual sophistication to career power pieces, the collections offer summer styles that will work in a range of office environments.

Whichever pieces you add to your wardrobe and wear, above all else, enjoy the lighter days and more relaxed atmosphere of dressing for work this summer.

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