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What to Wear to Autumn Weddings

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Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. As the temperatures and humidity of summer begin to subside, the days become filled with a cool vibrancy and crystal-like quality. Rainy, blustery days are the cozy counterbalance that brings the leaves down off the trees and makes us want to wear our coziest sweater while curled up with a good book.

Maybe it’s because of fall’s cozy, romantic qualities that it’s the most popular season of the year in which to get married. According to the wedding company Zola, 40 percent of all weddings occur in September and October. This means chances are good you have an invitation in hand and are wondering what to wear to an autumn wedding.

Tips to avoid a fall wedding fashion faux pas

Two colours that should always be avoided when attending a wedding, in any season – all black and all white (or ivory). White and ivory should not be worn as those colours are reserved for the bride.

Other colours to leave in the closet are those of whatever the wedding party is wearing. It’s a good idea to find out the couples wedding colours so that this potential fashion faux pas can be avoided.

The time and location are two more things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear, the time and the location. For example, an evening wedding requires more formal attire such as a cocktail dress or evening gown. But consider the event. Fish scale sequins and gold lame’ are probably more appropriate for the cruise you have planned this winter.

If your invitation is to an outdoor wedding, outside does not automatically equate to casual-wear. The temperatures may be chilly, but jeans and a hoodie are not ok. Even if it’s a country-themed barn wedding and the groomsmen are wearing flannel shirts and jeans; as a guest, stay style safe by erring on the side of traditional wedding attire. The only exception to this is if the invitation explicitly states that casual attire, including jeans, are acceptable.

What to wear to an autumn wedding

When considering what to wear to a fall wedding, keep in mind two words: elegant and understated. It’s the bride’s day. You want to look stylish in photos, but you don’t want to draw attention away from the happy couple.

For morning or afternoon weddings, this elegant knee-length dress by Joseph Ribkoff is a perfect choice. For evening, you can go a bit more glamorous. If the invitation says black tie, this beautiful Frank Lyman evening gown will add to the overall enchanting and festive feeling.

If you’re lucky enough to experience a fall outdoor wedding, the weather will always be a factor. Think about a wrap that can be worn over the shoulders or as more of an accessory, should the weather be warm.

No matter the wedding and reception venue, understated elegance should guide your style choices. You’ll feel fashionable and confident that you look your best while helping the newly married couple enjoy their big day.

What do you love to wear to fall weddings?

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