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Top 10 Dressing Tips for Women


Your dress says a lot about you. Every woman should pay close attention to the dress she wears. A well-dressed woman carries elegance, oozes style, shows attitude, expresses beauty and casts a magic spell. Right dressing style can add spark to the ambience. Everyone would instantly be attracted towards you.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

Sometimes, it is just not the dress that you wear but also the way you carry it. While attending that mega event or planning a night out or travelling with your friends whatever the occasion be, you should always plan it well and prepare according to the events.

Here are the top 10 dressing tips for women:

Shop with a budget- While going shopping always keep a budget and make a list of things you intend to buy. Whether it is that dress you always wanted to buy or something based on the need of the situation or it can be any item that you want to buy. Always keep the budget in mind to avoid going extravagant during your shopping spree. Whether it is Frank Lyman Dresses or Joseph Ribkoff Jackets, keep it within your budget.

Choose the shoes according to the event- Shoes are an integral part of your outfit. Spend some time to decide what type of shoes would accentuate your beauty and add more spark. Right kind of shoes complements your style and gives you more confidence. Imagine the attitude that you always wanted and a sense of pride it brings along when you walk and mesmerise everyone.

Shop for winters smartly- You might want to do your winter shopping carefully. Whether it is that jacket you always wanted or something more trendy. Again, it is important to buy what you need smartly and carefully. Think of what would complement your dress. Go for something that gives added spark.

Remember you are a queen- Don’t forget you are a queen. You are the most beautiful woman. Buy a dress that would make you feel comfortable, confident and commanding.

Add some accessories- Add accessories according to your needs or look for something that accentuates your beauty even more. You can go for cravats, hats, bonnets, belts and suspenders, gloves, muffs, necklaces, bracelets, shawls, watch, scarf, and stockings. You need to figure out what goes well with the dress.

The rules of showing skin- Understand the event and go for a dress that would appropriate. There are certain rules of showing the skin and you would know how much is too much. It all depends on the event whether it is just a get together with friends, DJ/Disco night, Party or a corporate event.

Keep a spare garment- Don’t forget to keep a spare garment. Well, you are aware of the hiccups that may arise. You won’t argue about the malfunctions. Keeping a spare one means you are danger proof whatever the event is. Keep that Joseph Ribkoff Pants or Joseph Ribkoff top in your bag as a spare garment.

A comfortable outfit for night outs- If you are going for a night out then choose a outfit that is comfortable yet gorgeous. If not carefully planned then it can cause great discomfort and you might not enjoy the stay that much. So keep that in mind as it is one of the most important dressing tips.

Check out every angle- Look at yourself from all angles in the mirror or ask someone else how does your dress look from side, how is the front view and about the back.

Choose your bag wisely- Your bag is also of great significance here. Look at the size, colour and material. Again, it must complement your look. Remember you are a queen and your bag is equally important. It should match your style. You should keep an eye on Frank Lyman Sale or Joseph Ribkoff Sale or any other sale that would help you save and buy the right bag for yourself.

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