TYH Boutique is pleased to announce the addition of yet another line of designer clothes from Montréal Canada to our line of unique and outstanding designer pieces.

For many years, Up! Pants have been manufacturing the most popular pull up pants in the U.S and Canada. Out of this popularity, UP! Pants Montréal decided it was time to raise the fashion standards to new heights by creating their brand that caters for women from all walks of life. 

 It is said that true beauty comes from the inside, UP! Pants designer clothes work towards empowering women and making them feel confident in their skin. Thus making you to not only look beautiful but also radiate confidence and class. If you are a boss lady, then you need to get something from the UP! Pants designer collection.

What's Unique about UP! Pants Montréal

We understand that you want clothes that make you feel and look great and Up! Pants provide nothing but the best. 

Thanks to the THINCREDIBLE FIT™ from THINCREDIBLE FABRIC™, UP! Pants collection offers stretchy clothes, hence concealing all the flaws and imperfections that make women so insecure.

Besides that, it has a built-in frontal control panel, which minimizes the tummy making you look slimmer and leaner.

As a modern woman who is going for a chic look, you will fall in love with the different designs that are in stock. Whether you into the bold prints, floral patterns, or vibrant and warm colours, you are at a loss with the UP! Pants collection.

In addition to that, most of UP! Pants trousers and skirts have an elastic band that gives your midsection a flattering look which gives the illusion of a defined, leaner waistline no matter your body type.

How to Dress for any Occasion with Up! Pants Fashion Line

The best thing about the Up! Pants collection is that it offers a wide range of outfits that are perfect for all your events and occasions. 

In this section, we will give you a glimpse of how you can style different pieces from our collection for your next occasion or event. 

To get more insight on how to dress for different events, you can have a look at our earlier blog post on the ultimate dress code guide.

More often than not, people might shy away from the floral pants, but no matter your body shape, the UP Women Techno Slim Leg 31 inches Pants, paired with a monochrome top would be perfect for a casual yet sophisticated look. 

If you are looking for the-I -mean business look, then the UP Women Slim Leg 31 inches Pants paired with a bright coloured blazer would be perfect. On the other hand, If you love to show off your legs, then 24 inches original Ponte black pencil skirt would leave heads turning at the office.

Truly, UP! Pants fashion line is for women across all walks of line. Browse through TYH boutique to find what fits your fashion taste.