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Own Your Fall Wardrobe UP! Pants 2020 Fall Collection

Own Your Fall Wardrobe UP! Pants 2020 Fall Collection

If loving fashion is a crime, then we at THY boutique plead guilty for falling in love with the UP Pants 2020 fall collection, and we aim to make you our partner in crime. 

The fall season is here with us, and you might be getting nostalgic about the blissful sunshine and the bright and lightweight clothes that marked the summer season. The idea of brightly colored sleeveless tank tops, cute colored shorts, long flowy wrap dresses, and short sunny dresses makes you feel like pressing the replay button on the summer stereo. 

Unfortunately, we are in Canada, and seasons change, and so must your wardrobe. Well, no need to pout  the UP! Pants 2020 fall collection guarantees that you will turn heads and have people drool over you thanks to the trendy and fashionable cover-ups, skirts, pants, tops, blouses, and sweaters we have in stock.

The UP Clothing brand is a diverse yet elegant brand that caters to the fashion needs of women of all ages and walks of life. Whether you are in your teens and you are looking for some cute slim fit jeans or you are career women in your peak years, Up clothing has all you need for both your formal and informal events. That is why we say that people who wear Up! Pants brands are professional and fun.

In this blog post, we will showcase a few UP! Pants products from the Fall 2020 collection that you need to own to spruce up your wardrobe.

Top 3 UP! Pants Products to Know and Own This Fall


  • The houndstooth pattern


If you are a fashion lover and you keep up with the latest fashion trends, then you will know that the houndstooth pattern is Kate Middleton’s favorite pattern. 

Whether you decide to wear it as a jacket, a skirt, or as pants, the houndstooth pattern is a classic that never goes out of style, and this fall, it is a must-own for every trendy woman.

Drawing inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s style, the houndstooth Up women jacket is a versatile piece that can be worn as both a formal piece or a casual coat, depending on how you dress it up or down.

Relatively warm temperatures mark the onset of the fall season. One could pair the houndstooth women jacket with a UP Women Original Ponte 22” black skirt for that business meeting. On the other hand, if it’s that time of the season when the temperature starts to drop, you can pair the houndstooth jacket with the UP women straight 31” pants.

For a casual look, pair the houndstooth jacket with a pair of blue cropped jeans and white sneakers.

For a trendy and fun look, make sure you get yourself the black and white houndstooth jacket and matching pants combo a chic, sophisticated look.


  • Ankle slit pants


The slit ankle pants are a fashion comeback that has hit the fashion market with a bang. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons worldwide and the other fashion runways this year, the slit pant is the trendiest outfit for the 2020 fall season.

If you have your reservation about the slit pants, it is time to shove your doubts out the window. First and foremost, the slit pants are one of the trendiest clothing pieces in the market, with fashion icons such as the Kardashians rocking them. Secondly, the slit pants create the illusion of having longer legs.

We at TYH Boutique have a wide selection of ankle slit pants; we have the Up! Pants Techno 28” petal pants and the Up! Pants Techno 31” slim leg pants are available in different colors, shade, and patterns.


  • Denim


Denim pants are a fashion classic and a must-have for every trendy woman. The best thing about the denim pants is that it is a clothing piece that you wear through the different seasons we experience here in Canada.

Up jeans can be worn as formal or informal attire depending on what you pair it with. The best thing about the Up Jeans is that they come in different lengths and cuts, thus providing variety to choose from. If you are going for a more casual look, the Up Women 25” Crop pants would be perfect. The Up Women 25” crop pants would look good on both a petite and plus-size woman.

The slim fit Up Jeans paired with a monochrome blouse or jacket would be perfect for the office for an official look. The black Up women 31” denim pants should be a closet staple for women of all ages during the 2020 fall season as it can take straight from the office to cocktails later in the evening.

It is essential to know that during the fall season, it tends to get chilling, and as the days progress towards the end of the year, it gets a little bit colder, and this is the time to layer up. When doing your shopping, make sure you buy cashmere sweaters to pair with your pants. Cashmere sweaters not only look good, but they are soothing to the skin, and they are also warm; thus, they help beat the chilling mornings and evenings.

In addition to that, the 2020 fall season has reintroduced the puff-sleeved blouses, which brings about a playful but sophisticated look. This season we recommend that you get the puff sleeves blouse for a bold and elegant look.


To own the 2020 fall collection, you need to not only choose something comfortable, but you also need to go big and bold with colors and patterns. With the Up clothing brand, you are not only guaranteed elegance and sophistication but also fun and experimental styles that will leave heads turning and jaws dropping.

A must-have this fall season is a houndstooth pattern outfit from Up! Pants, denim pants, and slit pants. With these pieces, you not only have fashionable clothes for the fall season but trendy clothes that will take you through all seasons. Therefore, if you do not have a UP! pants outfit, you need to pull up at the TYH boutique and get yourself up-ed with Up pants.