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With the onset of the fall season, it is time to gear up and switch up our wardrobes, after all, we are in Canada, seasons change, so should our closets.

There is something exciting that comes with the mystical transition from one season to another, and it is no secret that you are all looking forward to seeing what trends, colours, and fabrics dominate in this year’s fall season.

Being the beginning of the fall season, we have stocked up on the latest UP! Pants Montréal outfits to ensure that you are right in style and for this season.

To get a glimpse of what to expect during the fall/winter season, browse through TYH Boutique to buy the latest UP! Pants 2020 Fall collection.

What to Wear You’re Wearing Up! Pants this Fall

The exciting thing about the fall is that this is the season to demonstrate how you can spruce up your closet with layers of clothing and still look chic and in style. 

Ideally, this is the time to grab our fuzzy sweater, coats, and pants to beat the chilling weather.

During the summer, it was all about beating the high temperatures by showing off some skin with the sleeveless tops and dress. 

This fall, it is time to get your long sleeve dresses and tops to beat the dropping temperatures. For your long sleeve needs, you should make the UP Women’s V- neck Top a closet staple. The good thing about the UP! Pants V-neck top is that you can wear it to the office with a pair of pants or a skirt and on the weekends with some denim pants.

The onset of the fall is usually a bit warm,  and during this time you can rock a UP women Original Ponte short skirt with a pair of knee-high boots or even some booties if you are going for Taylor Swift look.

If you think blazers are just for the spring, then you might be wrong. In most cases, the fall starts a bit warmer, and as the season progress, it gets colder. In that case, a well-fitting blazer could come in handy during the chilly mornings. 

Taking the Chill Off with the Up! Pants Fall 2020 Collection

To make sure you beat the cold this fall, get yourself the UP! Pants black and white jacket, which you could wear to the office with a pair of slim-fit pants and during the weekends with a pair of denim pants.

We all talk of the proverbial little black dress being a closet staple for every modern woman. Well, this fall you need to get yourself not just one, but a couple of denim pants in different colours. 

Going by the colours for this year’s fall, make sure you get yourself UP Women ultimate skinny white pants which you could wear with a black and white blazer or any bright coloured blazer, and it could take you to the office and straight to a night out when you paired with a leather jacket.

To remain trendy and stylish throughout the fall season, check out TYH Boutique to get the latest UP! Pants Collection.