The Dolcezza designer brand is an international North American brand that is big on colours, prints and transforming the fashion world into an art gallery.  

At Dolcezza, designers transform their clients into living pieces of art that bring colour and warmth to the world.

What’s interesting about Dolcezza designer clothes is that the designing process takes place in Montréal, while the manufacturing is in Europe, culminating into a brand that has a local Canadian touch but with a hint of international fashion taste.

If you are looking for contemporary separates and accessories, TYH Boutique has got you covered with the trendiest Dolcezza collection.

What's unique about Dolcezza

The most astounding and unique aspect of the Dolcezza designer brand is that the fashion house uses different pieces of art from different collaborating artists from all over the world as their muse and inspiration for their designs.

With Dolcezza designer clothes, expect unique and out of this world designs, that infuse art and fashion, resulting in distinctive and contemporary pieces of clothing.

Besides collaborating with different artists and using their works as inspiration for the patterns and prints in their designers, Dolcezza designer clothes have a hint of international fashion trends thanks to the pool of artists that collaborate with them.

Some of the international artists that Dolcezza collection has been working with over the years are the likes of Cynthia Anne Brown, whose pieces of art are an expression of joy and gratitude.Therefore,  If you want to feel bubbly and vibrant, browse through the TYH Boutique and get yourself the Cynthia Anne inspired Dolcezza dress

Another brilliant artist that has been collaborating with Dolcezza is Shari Erickson, whose pieces of art are of the tropical kind, and in her paintings, she infuses light and bold colours leading to designs that will be perfect for the summer. To get summer pieces with a tropical vibe, check out our Dolcezza summer/ spring collection 2020

Dolcezza Fashion Line

The Dolcezza fashion is all about bold and bright colours, and their collection would be perfect for any sophisticated hippie or art lover out there.

However, this does not mean that you cannot find classy and beautiful pieces if you do not fall in the categories of hippies or art lover.  

If you are going out for a barbeque or lunch with girls, browse through the Dolcezza dress collection and get yourself a bright and colourful shift dress for that modern and unique look.

With all the colours and prints you might think that the Dolcezza collection cannot be worn to the office. Well, that is far from the truth, you can get yourself the Monochrome Dolcezza Khaki Pants, and pair them with the Floral Dolcezza Cardigan for a contemporary yet stylish formal look.

If you are looking for designs that are contemporary and that asher you into a new era in fashion- where there are no rules besides personal expression, we at TYH Boutique we invite you to browse through the Dolcezza Collection for fashionable pieces of art.