Canadian Fashion: Seasons Change, So Should Your Dress

Canadian Fashion: Seasons Change, So Should Your Dress

As Diana Vreeland, A fashion editor at Vogue back in the 60s, said, “fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything about clothes.”

If you are a fashion lover and a trend follower, you can attest to Diana’s words that nothing in this world changes as fast as fashion trends.

One day a particular trend is at its peak, and everyone is wearing it. The next day it is labeled out of fashion, and it is stashed somewhere in old boxes only for it to make come back like the mythical phoenix some years down the line. (But for Pete’s sake, we hope the shoulder-padded blazers, spandex workout gear paired with leg-warmers never see the light of day again.)

As sure as you are about the changes in the seasons, so should you be about changes in your fashion trends throughout the year. Each season has its distinct characteristics regarding its climatic conditions, and these necessitate a change in your dressing code in terms of the colors you wear, the fabric you choose, and how heavy or light your clothing is.

In this blog post, we will give you insights on how to slay your way through winter, spring, summer, and autumn with trendy and chic styles from our TYH Boutique designer collection.

Winter: Covering Up in Style

Ideally, winter is the coldest season of the year and depending on where you live, you can experience chills, rain, or even snow. The goal is to look stylish while keeping warm.

Most people imagine keeping warm means dark and gloomy colors. Next winter, you could switch things up by trying out brighter colors such as white, cream, sapphire blue, or even red.

For this cold biting season, the trick is to wear more layers inside and cover it up with trendy and fashionable pieces.

For a Chic and warm winter look, you can consider getting the black Frank Lyman pants, paired with the beige Joseph Ribkofft coverup, a colorful Dolcezza scarf, and a pair of warm boots and beret for that trendy but warm Paris look.

Spring: Breaking out Robkoff Jackets

This is the only time of the year where the proverb “the grass is always greener on the other side” is wrong since the grass is “greener” everywhere, and the blooming flowers bring a dash and pop of color everywhere.

In most cases, the spring is a bit warm compared to the winter, but you should expect a few showers of rain from time to time.

Therefore, when dressing for the spring, make sure you incorporate some Joseph Ribkoff jackets or coverups, and Frank Lyman coats if you get caught up in the rain.

Most importantly, this is the time to bring out your colors and compete with the flowers. You could go for lavender, peach, yellow, spring green, blush pink, or even light gray.

At the Joseph Ribkoff Spring Collection, you will be spoilt for choices on the tops, pants, dresses, and coverups you need to spruce up our closet.

For your best buy for the spring season, the yellow Joseph Ribkoff Jacket, paired with some white pants to bring out a dash of color and keep you warm during the unexpected rains.

Summer: Sunkissed Dresses Please

Don’t we all love this time of the year? Ooh my, what is there not to love about the summer? The sun is out to play, days are longer, and you just want to pack up and move to a city next to the beach.

This is the only season of the year, where you cannot be said to be showing too much skin or being overly dramatic with the colors.

Honestly speaking, we all may be guilty of working out for almost half the year to get the perfect “summer body.”

For the summer, go for light and comfortable fabric. As for the colors choose bright and vibrant tones such as white, yellow, pink, blue, turquoise, or anything that shouts bright, you could even go neon; it made a come back after being stashed away since the 80s.

For a vibrant and colorful look, check out the Joseph Ribkoff spring/summer collection or the Frank Lymann cruise/summer collection.

For your perfect summer collection, consider buying a slip-on dress, the blue and white Joseph Ribkoff summer dress would be perfect for any lady out there no matter their body shape.

Autumn: Enchanting Colors Blend so Well

Also known as the Fall, this is the season when temperatures start to go down, leaves fall from trees, and everything looks “orangy.”

To be in sync with the season, go for neutral tone colors such as burnt orange, mustard yellow, dark purple, and different shades of brown and to brighten things incorporate cream and white.

Since the temperatures will be going down, you could wear Joseph Ribkoff Jackets from the Fall 2020 collection or  Frank Lymann coverups and leather jackets from the Fall 2020 collection, and a Dolcezza Scarf would be perfect for a windy afternoon.

For the best autumn look, you could choose Frank Lymann animal Print tunic (a comeback from the 80s), paired with black Frank Lymann pants or an above-the-knee TYH Boutique black skirt.

All-weather clothes

You do not have to break the bank when it comes to changing your closet. You could choose clothes that would take you through all the seasons. For example, a TYH Boutique black pants, a Frank Lymann Turtle neck top could see through spring, autumn, and winter, and a Dolcezza Scarf could be used to cover the shoulders during summer and to keep warm during winter and as an accessory during autumn and spring.

Your Guide to Canadian Fashion: Joseph Ribkoff & Frank Lyman

It is clear that fashion trends change depending on the seasons of the year, and as Laureen Hutton says, “Fashion is what you are offered four times a year, style is what you choose.” 

 At TYH Boutique, we guide you on choosing your style by selecting the fabrics that go with the needs of the weather and colors that are in sync with your taste and temperament and not what is simply offered to you during that season.