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How to Make Your Style Sparkle This Holiday Season

How to Make Your Style Sparkle This Holiday Season

Have you ever attended a holiday party or family get-together and felt a bit drab, or even worse, frumpy? And maybe, as you tried to fade into the background, you looked around and noticed others who seemed to have an aura of twinkle lights around them. They literally seemed to sparkle.

What is it that makes some women sparkle? Vow to make this holiday season your season and read on for tips on how to make your style sparkle this holiday season.

Where style begins

What you wear can have a significant impact on how you feel. It can affect your confidence and the vibe you give off. Think about an outfit you have that you don’t really love. The outfit you only wear when you’ve worn everything else in your closet, several times, and just need to wear something different. Chances are, you feel less self-assured and maybe even less attractive when wearing that outfit.

“Style and confidence requires knowing yourself and wearing what you feel best in.”
Ariel Kaye

While what you wear can have an impact on how you feel, the reverse is also true. You may be wearing the latest, most beautiful fashion pieces. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable or confident, then it won’t matter if you’re wearing couture or sweats.

Style begins where fashion ends. It’s how you feel and the confidence you exude while wearing fashionable pieces. It’s attitude and personal spin. It’s sparkle.

Holiday style tips

The holiday season is festive and fun. That’s what makes it the perfect time to have fun with your style and really amp up the glamour. Here are three fun and easy ways you can add holiday glamour to your style:

1. Add sparkle. We’re not talking about body glitter. We’re talking jewelry that catches the light and twinkles. Like long, elegant diamond earrings that move as you mingle with other party-goers.

2. Add shimmer. You’ll look both radiant and festive in this glamorous silver dress by Joseph Ribkoff. It’s also a fashionable way to stand out from the usual black or dark party-wear.

3. Add you. To every holiday get-together, along with a hostess gift, bring your smile, your personality, and readiness to have a good time. And as you radiate happiness and confidence, others will notice your sparkle.

Fashion to bring out your best

To feel your best this holiday season, you’ll want to look your best. Both Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff have created gorgeous pieces, sure to make you feel beautiful and bring out your best.

This best-selling midnight blue Frank Lyman dress is one of our favorites. It both moves and has just a touch of shimmer that’s perfect for accessorizing with sparkling jewelry. We also love and recommend this dazzling dress. If you prefer wearing pants, Joseph Ribkoff’s elegant black pants are the perfect starting point for your holiday festivities.

What are some other ways you plan to add sparkle to your holidays?