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Frank Lyman Signature


Frank Lyman is a fashion and design brand in the industry that’s known mostly for their beautiful dresses, along with tops, pants, skirts, jackets, and throwovers.

What not many people know is that Frank started in the fashion industry at the early age of 18, where he immediately realized he had a passion for fashion, and especially design.

Now, Frank Lyman has a number of collections which are specially designed and crafted with precision to details. As Frank says himself, style is everything.

Frank Lyman Lines

Other than Frank Lyman basics which are available almost always for casual wear, Frank is known to have a number of collections for every season.

Here’s a list of the Frank Lyman lines we were lucky enough to witness in 2018, and still are available.

  • FL Weekend – Spring 2018
  • Lyman Collection – Spring 2018
  • Frank Lyman – Spring 2018
  • FL Weekend – Fall 2018
  • Lyman Collection – Fall 2018
  • Frank Lyman – Fall 2018

While 3 collections in one season might seem a lot, it’s really hard to decide which collection is the best one for each season.

In Spring collections you’ll find everything from sportswear, dresses, and a mix of casual & professional skirts, tops, throwovers, and much more.

In Fall collections, you’ll find casual vests, jackets, tops, tunics, professional dresses and tops, and casual clothes which includes a lot more.

Each Frank Lyman collection has a different style and uses a different motivation to express the thoughts.

What is Unique About the Latest Line (Frank Lyman – Fall 2018)?

If you have a look at the Frank Lyman Fall 2018 collection, you can clearly see how dominant is the black color.

It’s almost always there, and it’s even being mixed with great patterns and color such as in a black & red throwover camisole.

A lot of floral patterns have been used, which really goes well with the Fall, and in Fall 2018 collection, you’ll be able to find different styles.

You can find anything from casual clothes to something you’d wear to an interview or only on a special occasion.

History of Frank Lyman

Frank Lyman stated his venture in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, where he started in the fashion and design industry when he was just 18 years old.

It didn’t take a long time before Frank found his path and passion for clothes design.

Now, Frank Lyman is a brand that is well-known internationally and it’s a brand that strives for more by working harder and bringing the most unique and sophisticated clothing on the market.

Who is Frank Lyman for?

As Frank stated once himself, Frank Lyman dresses and clothes are for women who are sure of themselves, have a bit of rebel inside them, and want to highlight their uniqueness.

By wearing Frank Lyman designs, such women accentuate their femininity no matter whether it’s a dress, tunic, or even leggings. The goal is to achieve ultimate excitement and to be always seductive.

If you have a look at the Frank Lyman models, you can get a clear idea on what type of women would wear Frank Lyman.

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