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Dress Casually & Feel Amazing

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You know that feeling when you feel amazing but you haven’t spent a lot of time or effort in dressing stylishly?

In case you didn’t know, you can dress casually and still feel amazing, and yes, it’s a thing. With tips we list in this post, you will be able to rock your simple and casual outfits yet still turn heads.

Know Which Items Double as Stylish

There are items that will always come across as just “casual” clothes and no matter what you combine with them, they’re always going to remain casual.

Going for wrap & summer dresses, nice jeans, tank & fitted tops, sneakers, low heels, and even flats will help you dress casually yet still be stylish and feel amazing.

Frank Lyman tops are great examples of clothing that you can always use to improve your style in no time.

Balance Casual and Stylish

This one can be really hard to get right for most people, but in reality, it’s actually very simple. Just don’t overcomplicate it.

When trying to balance a casual and stylish look when choosing clothing items, try setting yourself in this mindset.

Imagine you’d have to wear your items you’ve picked to both casual and stylish occasions. This will help you find the perfect balance in a very simple way.

For example, Joseph Ribkoff’s pants are a great clothing item that will help you balance the casual and stylish looks if you combine them with some of Ribkoff’s tops.

Pay Attention to the Material

As mentioned earlier, some clothes will always stay casual and won’t make you feel amazing, and if you don’t pay attention to the material, you’ll have a hard time dressing casually and feeling amazing at the same time.

We recommend you stay away from materials that easily gets wrinkly such as cotton because you want to look sharp even though you’re keeping it casual.

Instead, going for Denim, knit, polyester, cashmere, spandex, elasthane and a few other materials will offer far better results.

Wear Multiple Layers

Multiple layers are perfect for creating interesting looks, and the best part is that they go really well with casual clothes – yet look and feel amazing.

For example, a vest over dress shorts or a jacket over a tunic is a great combination.

If you need to switch up some over warn pieces in your wardrobe – Frank Lyman has great jackets and even cover ups that are perfect for your endeavour.

Play with the Contrast

Uniform outfits aren’t going to get anyone’s attention and that’s why you should rely on contrast.

Adding a touch or two is definitely a great way to stand out and make your casual clothes look fabulous.

For example, pairing dark bottoms with light tops (or vice-versa) is a great way to start taking advantage of contrast.

Match Clothing Colours

Depending on your mood and personality, you can choose to go with something bold or simply stick to the neutrals.

While pairing two colours may work for one, it may not for the other. Get to know your colours by shopping the latest trends and season-adapted collections by Joseph Ribkoff & Frank Lyman @ tyhboutique.


Sticking with simple and casual clothes doesn’t mean your outfit must be plain. Instead, if you pay attention to at least a few tips we’ve listed above, you’ll be able to dress casually yet feel amazing on every outing.

It’s all in the details and if you can spend a few extra minutes to line things up – you’ll love the way you will feel in your casual yet stylish outfits!

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